HPLC facet Clean-up

Data clean-up may be needed for HPLC Application facets. 

Specifically, there may be some duplicates—i.e. there's an "Eluent A" facet and an "EluentA" facet, an "Injection Volume" facet and an "InjectionVolume" facet. 

These facets will show up as different (seemingly duplicate) filters in the HPLC Application index search page until clean-up is done:

To Clean Up:

  1. Identify which facets are duplicates that need to be cleaned up.
  2. Visit http://hamilton.production.vigetx.com/admin/entries/hplcApplicationsand use the following query in the search bar, which will show you all the applications related to a facet: hplcApplicationsFacets:"Facet Name" (where Facet Name = the duplicate facet in question).
  3. Click into each application that's related to the duplicate facet and change it (under the Relationships tab) to be related to the facet you'd like to keep. 
  4. Do this for every duplicate facet.
  5. Go through the same process (steps 2-4) for HPLC References.
  6. Visit http://hamilton.production.vigetx.com/admin/categories/hplcApplicationsFacets and delete the unneeded facets after you've confirmed that all of the relationships have been updated.