Customer Service

Website launch plan

Team, as you all know we are launching the new website on Sunday, October 7 at 12 PM PDT. This is considered a "soft launch" meaning we are not publicly announcing the website for several weeks as we work out any bugs. Please do NOT announce the new website in emails, newsletters and such until instructed to do so. However, please do inform your Hamilton teams of this change so they can be informed and prepared to answer questions from customers.

No website launch is 100% perfect, so I ask for your patience while we make this transition. Some Support details and FAQ’s below:


Once the website launches, it’s typical for internal employees and customers to become vocal about changes. If you experience a website bug, please immediately submit them to or

However, if your employees or customers have questions or comments, I’ll need your corresponding teams to field the questions and concerns first. Whatever you cannot answer or address, please consolidate into a spreadsheet and send in bulk to or

Support process for customers: If possible, ask customers to click the blue question mark at the bottom of any web page they have issues with. Ask them to fill out the brief form so our team can prioritize the issue.

Support process for Urgent Issues:


If you need more information about using Craft, updating content and products, please continue to reference the Website Support documentation:


Q: I’m still seeing the old website, do I need to do anything?

A: DNS changes can take anywhere from one hour to several days to propagate throughout the Internet. This means some of you may see the new website on Sunday, while others might not see it until Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Please be patient while propagation takes place.

Q: Why is the website slow?

A: We’re anticipating a major increase in website speed. However, if you’re experiencing slow loading pages (10+ seconds to load), please immediately report this issue to

Q: I'm seeing a 404 page, what should I do?

A: Please consolidate a list of non-critical 404 errors your team encounters and submit them here. If the page is a highly trafficked page, please immediately submit this issue to

Q: What if I see "" my browser URL bar?

A: Please immediately submit this issue to and inform us of what page you saw this.

Password Reset Email

Before the website launches, existing website account holders will have received an email advising them that a change is coming to the Hamilton website. This is only an advisory message and no action is required from the customer.

Directly after the website launch, all users will receive a second email directing them to reset their Hamilton website password. They must reset their account password to re-establish their online account.

There will be users who will state they did not receive this message for various reasons listed:

  • The email message was caught by spam/junk mail.
  • The user did not open the email

If the user states they did not receive an email, please direct them to this page to start the process of resetting their website password:

If the user did receive the email, they will go through this process to update their password...